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Pausal - Pausal EP

Label: Highpoint Lowlife
Format: Compact Disc + Digital Album
Country: UK
Genre: Ambient, Electronic
Year: 2007

The Highpoint Lowlife label continues its roll of good form with this beautiful release from Pausal, who originally served this EP up in 2007 as a three-track web-based outing. Now those tracks are supplemented with 'Semi Submerged', and all compositions have been mastered by Twerk, whose sonic prowess has always ensured he stood out from the clicks & cuts crowd. This EP is a truly lovely exercise in pastoral ambience, often bringing to mind Stars Of The Lid at their most majestic. 'Song From A Cloth Pocket' is especially excellent in this respect, taking on a grandeur and elegance that not often achieved in music of this ilk. Here there's an organic quality that isn't too far away from Richard Skelton's rustic universe, yet the transparent mechanisms of digital processing run through these pieces, bolstering the glacial chord changes and lulling cricket-drone of 'Heroes=Dogs'. Excellent stuff from a label that just keeps getting better and better.

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