Alex Smalley

Music through patterns of energy.

Alex Smalley - Sacred Geometry

Format: Digital Album
Genre: Electronic
Year: September 27, 2019  

Violin on The Golden Ratio - Jane Wild
Piano on Dimensionality - Lucia Adam
Mastering - Porya Hatami
Artwork - Rafael Araujo

Sacred Geometry is full of detail and texture. Its emotional depth comes from a connected place. Following my experiences in yoga and plant medicine I began to see the mathematical elegance of nature. To mirror these geometric forms in sound was the source of my creative process.

The first half of the record captures a performance at the 2018 Le Guess Who? Festival in Utrecht, Holland. Voice, guitar, synthesiser and field recordings were processed into a collage of mediative sounds. In the second half of the record acoustic sounds are fused with harder electronic processes. The track Toroids represents my vision for this record (almost) perfectly.

Closer consideration for the mysteries of consciousness has led the music to border on the spiritual. I hope people will find something to meditate on in each of these songs in the same way I have.

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