Alex Smalley

Music through patterns of energy.

Pausal - Along The Mantic Spring

Label: Infraction
Format: Vinyl, LP + Digital Album
Country: UK
Genre: Ambient, Electronic
Year: May 6, 2014

"Pausal is Alex Smalley and Simon Bainton and this is their fourth LP released on the Infraction label, with an absolutely stunning cover designed by Charmagne Coe drenched in vibrant watercolour the music herein mirrors this perfectly. Layer upon layer of droning ambience create a near classical experience for the listener, building towards something in the near distance that you can never quite reach, so minimal in its delivery yet so smothering in atmosphere you find yourself hearing little pieces of instruments that may or may not even be there, sounds of bells, woodwind and piano that are almost inaudible but really add to the overall dynamic.

‘Along The Mantic Spring’ isn’t just your average ambient drone album, it will sink into your pores, drown you in it’s sheer glory and make you feel like you’ve been waiting for music like this all your life!" - Norman Records

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