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Music through patterns of energy.

Olan Mill - Illuminations

Format: Cassette + Digital Album
Country: Moscow, Russia
Genre: Ambient
Year: January 7, 2017
Artwork: Staszek Sokolowski

"Against the snowfall, a tall Being of Beauty. Whistling of death and the circling of faint music make this adored body rise, expand and quiver like a spectre; wounds of scarlet and black burst from superb flesh. The colours proper to life deepen, dance and detach themselves around this Vision in the making. Shudders rise and groan and the frenetic flavour of these effects fills with that mortal whistling and raucous music that the world, far behind, hurls at our mother of beauty – she recoils, she rears. Oh, our bones are clothed with a new amorous body! Oh, the ashen face; the escutcheon of horsehair, the crystal arms! The cannon I must assault through the melee of trees and the weightless air!"

- Arthur Rimbaud, Illuminations VI: Being Beauteous

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