Alex Smalley

Music through patterns of energy.

Olan Mill - variations on the letter H

Label: Unknown Tone Records
Format: Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album
Country: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Genre: Electronic
Year: October 30, 2018
Artwork: Mark Kuykendall

‘Variations on the letter H' quite possibly marks the last release for this beautiful project. The album comprises nine instrumental pieces, Smalley draws into his world of piano, guitar and pipe organ. Field recordings occasionally emerge to ensure an even greater sense of space. 'variations on the letter H' is a soft hiss of layered tones that seem to recall the feeling one might have while napping at the base of magnificent waterfalls. A type of heavenly quality pervades the compositions that seamlessly drift in major keys from one movment to the next.

'variations on the letter H' associates itself musically with more natural, energy, life themes and was recorded over the last year or two in various locations. Olan Mill are not overly concerned with the idea of minimalism, nor is there an inkling of the pieces being charted out. In the end the outcome for the listener can be steady and continuous, like a current or stream that ebbs and flows through the natural world.

This album marks the end of an era for studio albums from Olan Mill is an uplifting homage to a past romantic body of work which stretches over 6 years. Unknown Tone is pleased to share this work and hope too see more music in the future, whatever form it may take. We hope you'll enjoy this final vestige from Olan Mill and may the beauty they've created throughout the years echo on.

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